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Starting Date: 4/30/2005
Tank Size: 6 gal
Equipment: JBJ 6gal nano cube (modified sump), modified lights (2 x 18watts PC)
Corals: Pumping xenia, starburst polyp, and kenya tree coral
Fish: pair of ocellaris clowns
Invert: cleaner shrimp

Updating pictures. Also got pics of the new lights
Click for Photos - 04/09/07

New anemone
Click for Photos - 5/14/05

Everything up and running now. Added a reef crab (you never get to see this crab, always hiding)
Click for Photos - 5/07/05

Tank setup! I copy the idea from someone else on the forum, so I can't take credit for it. Pretty much i have two pumps in the back that alternates on a timer to create a wave action inside the tank.
Click for Photos - 4/29/05

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