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Staring Date: 12/03/2002
Tank Size: 50 gal tru-vu tank with a 29gal custom ecosystem
Equipment: Custom built 1" overflow, QuietOne4000HH return pump, Ocean motion, 1 power head, 2 x 96watt PC, Pro-Heat 150w Titanium Digital Heater
Corals: Pumping xenia (white & brown), green starburst polyp, kenya tree coral, mushrooms (hairy, red, green, blue), Zooanthids (eagle eyes, tub blue, green, brown, orange, alien eye blue, blue daisy, red), orange & blue ricordia, and leather coral
Fish: Flame Angel, yellow tang, pair of tomato clowns, pair of pink anthias, and pair of green chroms
Invert: purple tip anemone, assorted snails, assorted hermit crabs, sally lightfoot crab, coral banded shrimp, and cleaner shrimp

Updating pictures
Click for Photos - 04/09/07

Some updates! I rearrange the tank a bit and added a rock full of green/red zoas
Click for Photos - 10/22/06

BLUE zoas!!! My latest $$ coral =) Hopefully I can get it going so I can start fragging them!
Click for Photos - 3/21/06

Some update on my latest corals
Click for Photos - 3/12/06

I been going crazy on buying zoas lately... Here are just some of them. I will post more later. These are taken with a 100m macro lens
Click for Photos - 3/07/06

Today I sold my 15" tonga branch. It is completely covered with green star polyp. I got this branch 3 years ago and it was a piece of uncured live rock.
Click for Photos - 3/03/06

I did some more rearranging and got on a coral spending run. Hopefully this will keep me happy for a long period of time
Click for Photos - 1/09/06

I swap out the SCWD for the Oceanmotion device. The flow on the SCWD kinda sucked. I got much stronger flow now.
Click for Photos - 12/19/05

I rearranged my tank. Got tired of the old setup. I sold 90% of that bundle of pumping xenia. It was getting out of control!
Click for Photos - 12/17/05

New coral and tomato clowns laid eggs
Click for Photos - 11/21/05

New Pipe fish
Click for Photos - 5/14/05

Click for Photos - 5/08/05

I upgraded my water return system. Using a Quiet One 4000HH pump on a SCWD wave maker device. Remove 2 out of 3 power heads from the main tank. Will probably remove the last one soon. The results weren't as good as i expected it to be...time to save up for an OM Squirt now.
Click for Photos - 4/02/05

My gf has this love/hate relationship with my fish.(you can probably guess why) Today, she surprised me with a book that she made! It contains pictures of my own fish! Thanks Rachel!!
Click for Photos - Book (4/1/05)

Click for Photos - 3/13/05

My corals are starting to out grow my tank! I started selling the frags back to the LFS
Click for Photos - 2/10/05

Click for Photos - 7/16/04

Started making small fragments for my friends
Click for Photos - 6/3/04

Added some pink anthias to the tank
Click for Photos - 4/18/04

My friends got together and suprised me with fish inside my tank! It was definitely a good feeling to see fish swimming in the tank again.
Click for Photos - 3/28/04

Sad story (around end of Feb '04): My roommate and I were adding a water softener to our water line. And to make long story short, after cycling the water of the house for a couple of weeks, i started using the RO water again without any problem. However, one day we had to mod one small thing on the house pipe and i totally forgot about it and use the RO water to dissolve the frozen brine shrimp cube. I used no more then like 1/4 cup of the RO water and it killed EVERYTHING single fish inside my tank =( ALL my fish died the same night!! Its was soo depressing watching them all die in front of me. All my corals and shrimp lived though. (BTW, my nemo had eggs and since they died, no one was there to protect it. The shrimp got to them and did their thing. I was too depressed to do anything about it) I was debating if i should just sell everything and call it quits.....

Added a flame angel, coral banded shrimp, and corals
Click for Photos - 2/18/04

Upgraded my light system to 2 x 96w PC (inside a new canopy) Added some new corals as well
Click for Photos - 1/9/04

Added some firefish
Click for Photos - 10/3/03

Reorganized my live rock setup
Click for Photos - 9/25/03

Added my nemos, one pair had eggs later on. I also got a electric scallop (a visitor favorite), later got killed by Rid-ich =(
Click for Photos - 8/15/03

June '03: Moved my tank from my parents house to my current place! It was not fun since i have to move it downstairs -> drive it over -> and move it upstairs!

Saw the purple tip anemone on sale for $15!!! Had to get it!! It covers a good portion of my tank now!
Click for Photos - 3/13/03

No better way to celebrate the new year by buying my first set of saltwater fish! The goby never ate anything died pretty quickly. The feather duster is still alive today!!
Click for Photos - 1/1/03

Added live rocks for my LFS and setup the ecosystem in the sump
Click for Photos - 12/18/02

We build the chambers for the sump and the overflow box for the main tank. Started off w/ only one 55w PC!
Click for Photos - tank setup

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