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Name: Dave King
Born: Year of the Dragon
1. Sports - Name it, I play it - from ping pong to football to bowling
2. Fish - need I elaborate on this?
3. Cleaning - Most people don't find cleaning as a hobby, but I do
4. Movies - I collect movies. Probably 3rd highest rental rating next to Blockbuster and Netflix.
5. Computers - most say it's my job, but I say it's the hobby that feeds the above 4.

Ideally, this web site would document my entire life, but given that I have limited free time, I had to limit the web site to some of my favorite things. I have a lot of passions in life, but I think my top three are God, sports, and fish. Everything else pretty much takes a back seat to those three.

There is already a good book documenting the Lord as well as a few movies, musicals, etc., so I felt that He was fairly well covered. ESPN.com does a great job with sports, probably giving more information than I could ever imagine about almost every sport out there. However, Im still waiting for some of my finger-tip catches and bone-crushing tackles to make their Top 10 Plays of the Day.

So, that leaves us with fish. Specifically, my fishthe fish I keep in various aquariums in different parts of the South Bay. I think my affection for fish is infectious, because a lot of my friends have been acquiring fish tanks as well. Im sure all of my friends know how much time i spent working on my fish tanks. I wanted to provide my friends some information about the fish I have in each aquarium as well as the environments they live in. If all goes well, Ill update this web site with pictures as things change.

Enjoy the Fish Bowl! Browse around and feel free to leverage my ideas with your projects. Be sure to sign my guest book.

I want to give thanks to Reef Central for all their help and resources. And to my gf who is now forced to love fish =)

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