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Starting Date: 1/00/2002
Tank Size: 60 gal
Equipment: Jebo lighting system, Fluval 304, and UV filter
Fish: Austrian Arrowana (the arrowana ate the rest)
Plants: Chainswords
note: this is a display tank at my parent's restaurant

Click for Photos - 10/3/04

My redtail catfish out grew my tank, so i had to give him away. It was like 8", and eating everything. Love to dig up my plants.
Click for Photos - 3/15/03

My red parrots were really red, but they later all developed "hole-in-head" and died. I'm sure the red tail cat added some stress to them
Click for Photos - 1/13/03

Click for Photos - 8/27/02

The tiger shovel nose ate my 1st arrowana. It died later cause it wouldn't eat anything else
Click for Photos - 5/13/02

The baby chainsword that you see here, is the one that covers my entire tank today!
Click for Photos - 2/11/02

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