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Starting Date: 6/03/2004 - 4/29/2005
Tank Size: 5 gal
Equipment: jebo pump and light
Corals: Pumping xenia, starburst polyp, and kenya tree coral
Fish: pair of ocellaris clowns
Invert: cleaner shrimp

Got a new 6gal nano cube. Moved all the fish/coral/rocks/sand to the new tank

Click for Photos - 4/29/05

Found some tube worms!
Click for Photos - 3/24/05

Click for Photos - 2/10/05

Click for Photos - 9/2/04

Click for Photos - 8/15/04

Just got a tiny pink tip anemone (i have moved this to my main tank since the lighting wasn't enough here)
Click for Photos - 7/16/04

I took most of the stuff from my main reef tank
Click for Photos - 6/3/04

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